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  1. 11 problems you will have to fight when design websites using the responsive design method.
  2. Daily web design inspiration from around the web specialising in minimal, clean and responsive websites. We showcase the very best to keep you inspired.
  3. Show off how responsive design looks across different browsers easily with this 4 in 1 viewport tool. See how your site looks on desktop, laptop, ipad & iphone.
  4. Im Weblog schreibe ich nicht nur über das Ta­ges­ge­sche­hen, sondern ver­öf­fent­li­che auch längere Fach­ar­ti­kel zu Themen rund um Webdesign und Pro­gram­mie­rung.
  5. Eine kontinuierlich aktualisierte Liste aller HTML- und XHTML-Elemente
  6. Best Website Gallery — Webdesign Trends — hand picked by @davidhellmann
  7. Cross Browser Styling of HTML5 Forms — Even In Older Browsers.
  8. Use this demo to create CSS background-image gradients
  9. CSS3 Playground
  10. Helps you understand how the nth-child, nth-last-child, nth-of-type and nth-last-of-type CSS3 selectors work.

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