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  1. Verschiedene Web-Statistiken
    28.01.2015 to , by sonic
  2. A map of recent contributions to Wikipedia from unregistered users.
  3. What do Wikipedia's readers care about? Is Britney Spears more popular than Brittany? Is Asia Carrera more popular than Asia?
  4. The HTTP Archive tracks how the Web is built.
    29.05.2012 to , , , , , by sonic
  5. Detect mobile devices with DeviceAtlas - the fastest, most accurate and most comprehensive mobile device detection solution on the market.
  6. Market share for mobile, browsers, operating systems, search engines and social media. Mobile market share and desktop market share data.
  7. StatCounter Global Stats are brought to you by StatCounter - the free, online visitor stats tool.
  8. Das Web 2.0 hat Journalisten fehlbar gemacht. Per Kommentarfunktion führen User gestandene Experten vor und Fehler werden für jedermann sichtbar kritisiert. Das schnelle Gegenrecherchieren ist gerade für das hektische Online-Nachrichtengeschäft enorm
  9. 21.09.2007 to , , by snert

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