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  1. Introduction to Scriptaculous Effects
  2. Harvard Professor David J. Malan lecture on HTTP from the course Building Dynamic Websites. Professor David J. Malan discusses the use of HTTP in building dynamic websites.
  3. Amberjack allows easy creation of On-Page Tutorials
  4. This quick reference guide is a work in progress.
  5. Google Blogsuche bietet aktuelle und relevante Suchergebnisse aus vielen feed-fähigen Blogs. Nutzer können nach Blogs oder Blogposts suchen und ihre Suche anhand des Datums oder anderen Kriterien einschränken.
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  6. Web2.0 - Logo Creatr
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  7. The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX.
  8. Ext JS: Extend the Web. World-class JavaScript, Ajax and UI Components
  9. Joe Walker's Blog
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  10. Das Blog mit News und Informationen rund um Google Plus und Co.

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