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  1. Die Music Map hilft bei der Suche nach Musik-Alternativen: Wenn man den Bandnamen in den Suchschlitz eintippt, wirft die Site Saturnus-Freunden in einer zweidimensional animierten Karte etwa Ahab als Tipp aus.
  2. Welcome to The 120 Minutes Archive, the independent, critically acclaimed, definitive library of music video nostalgia.
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  3. Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge.
  4. You can click any of nearly a thousand cities to hear a playlist of the music that is most distinctively enjoyed there.
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  5. Internet radio made by music blogs.A fun way to navigate through thousands of music blogs. The web is your player, bloggers are your dj's.
  6. Algorithms and Interactive Tools for Exploring Music Composition, Analysis, and Interdisciplinary Learning.
  7. Erhalte deine eigenen Charts und Musikempfehlungen, siehe nach, was deine Freunde gerade anhören, entdecke neue Musik und höre deine persönliche Radiostation an. Alles kostenlos!
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  8. MP3 & music blog aggregator - the best songs and blog posts of music on the web - search and discover something new.
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  9. Videoclips, Musicvideo
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  10. Mood Based Webradio Finder
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